The History of Backgammon – Now and Then
May 7th, 2020 by Princess

Backgammon is the oldest game in recorded history. It has been called as the "wee war," backgammon began in ancient Iraq almost five thousand years ago. For all that, Egyptians referred to backgammon as "Senat," which was a close style of the present game played at this time. Hundreds of years ago, just men and women in influence, the prevailing figures of royalty like Egyptian queens, were allowed to play. The game started to grow around the globe in time. Distinctive Backgammon types were created in numerous nations and societies, but the basic codes of those variants look like that of the ancient form . For instance, Greece took hold of the game and coined the name "bac gamen." From there, the Anglo’s borrowed backgammon in the 1600’s and have continued to play it ever since. Backgammon and other ancient games weren’t ever acknowledged by a number of clergy. The clergy believe that the game was the work of the Devil. This led churches to boycott and burn the game. The blacklisting and burning had never prevent people playing games and being entertained.

Computers afford a new platform for Backgammon. When different video machines are available all over the place, computer intellectuals in Artificial Intelligence (AI) use Backgammon for doing research, creating and measuring AI theories and breakthroughs as a result of the ease of game principles and difficulties of tactics.

With the embracing of the Internet, backgammon has developed to a totally new level. A lot may not realize that online Backgammon is almost certainly installed on most of computers running MicroSoft Windows operating systems by default in "Games" menu option. Internet Backgammon hooks up hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe. As soon as you signed up on an internet game casino, you can play Backgammon with a computer, or with a bona fide gambler. Gaming websites have been holding Backgammon tournaments frequently. You can participate in the game for enjoyment, or for money. There are thousands of clubs devoted to online backgammon, as well as distinctive software that you can retrieve to wager against other players. Individuals love Backgammon for the fact that it is a snap yet in the end, calls for a bit of alertness and skill.

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